For a pleasant stay for everyone, please follow these guidelines.
1.        On arrival, name with full address to be registered in the office. Non-Indian citizens will need to submit two photocopies of their passport and visa.
2.        The devotees are requested to maintain the sanctity of the holy environment and abstain from:
a.        Smoking, intoxicating drinks or narcotics, and non-vegetarian food including eggs.
b.        Gambling.
c.        Making noise, shouting, playing loud jarring music.
3.        It is hoped that all will attend the morning and evening prayers (Aarti).
4.        The main gate of the ashram will be locked between 10:00 pm and    06:00 am.
5.        Cash and valuables are the sole responsibility of the guests. The ashram will not be responsible for any mishap.
6.        The devotees are requested to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean and tidy. We ask that the room be as clean when you leave as it is when you arrive. You are requested not to dry wet clothes in the rooms. Please dry your clothes on the clotheslines on the roof.
7.        Please do not request personal service from the ashram staff and please don’t give either money or gifts directly to the staff. If you wish to give something, contact the office.
8.        Take care of your children and don’t leave them alone. Be especially vigilant near the banks of Ganga.
9.        Beware of monkeys and dogs; don’t tease or feed them.
10.        Conserve electricity and water.
11.        To assure room availability, please let us know your arrival date as soon as possible.

Vishwa Kalyan SadhanaYatana functions with the help and support of devotees. Your donations/offerings for the maintenance and upkeep of the ashram, according to your means and shraddha (faith), are deeply appreciated. You may contact the office for guidance in this regard. We welcome any suggestions and advice for the development and improvement of the ashram.